Today Consulting Group Italy has become a leader in wood frame construction in the area tanks to its own building system, which is entirely custom designed.

Each aspect of a Consulting Group Italy building is studied and conceived down to the smallest detail in order to create, in every way, unique designs with all the best living comforts, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and respecting all the high quality standards.

Consulting Group Italy realizations guarantee low energy consumption combined with great living comfort thanks to the wall insulation design system.

They are able to offer thermal displacements of about 12 hours using natural materials.

This construction technology is a 20 years old result of continuous study and experience.

Therefore choosing a Consulting Group Italy building means choosing to live in an exclusive A4 class facility.

In conclusion everything is designed to satisfy all the needs without compromises, each detail is made with artisan care; this we call excellence.

Certified company iso 14001:2015

N. 396224

Certified company uni en iso 9001:2015

N. SC 16-4181


Company associated with FederlegnoArredo



Energy and the environment” is an ever more current combination and needs to be taken seriously by companies willing to invest responsibly in their future business.

In addition to a market value, today energy consumption has acquired an environmental value: for this reason, use of energy resources by companies must not disregard a careful assessment of their production processes impact on environment.

Consulting Group Italy was among the first companies in Italy to understand the close link between energy and environment, caring about the values ​​and importance of bio-renewable sources.

The system engineers team is able to design, configure and activate complex integrated solutions for the automation of technological systems.

Today Consulting Group Italy, thanks to its gained experience, is a company that can boast nationally recognized excellence in solutions created by using the most reliable technologies offered on the
ever-changing market.

Consulting Group Italy manages plant engineering solutions aimed at saving energy (Law 102/2014) and has obtained the prestigious ecoXpert certification.

Energy saving of up to 30% can be achieved tanks to Consulting Group Italy solutions.

We have a technical department dedicated exclusively to “full-service” maintenance operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year; this service allows customers to keep efficient and constantly updated systems, safeguarding investments in the best possible way.



Offering an integrated system that combines all the prefabricated sector processes, starting from the conception of construction and arriving to the end user.

Attending many more green and eco-sustainable buildings, respecting environment and the new generation future. Wood is an environmentally sustainable material. It is a material found in nature.

By following the green building rules, planet-proof constructions respecting Mother Nature can be created. Wood is the only material, used in the construction sector, that comes from renewable resources.

Its environmental impact is very low and especially laminated wood has great biocompatibility characteristics. Using wood for buildings helps out to reduce energy consumption, non-renewable materials consumption and pollution in a general way.

It helps us to protect the Earth. And to protect ourselves. Like experts explain, wood is able to give an incomparable well-being and protection feeling. It infuses warmth, tenderness, tranquility, security.


Our Group consists of two companies: Consulting Group House immobiliare srl and Società Consulting Group Italy srl. Each company is divided in departments: General Management, Administration and Human Resources; Production Management; Technical Management; Commercial Management. Sales Department is responsible for commercial expansion, Production Management deals with production planning and control, Technical Management constantly deals with building sites development, quotes preparation, technical and design projects.

The Group is structured both in the real estate sales of its construction sites and in the production and construction system, starting from raw, advanced raw or turnkey, all exclusively in green building.

ISO 9001 – 2015 and ISO 14001 – 2015 certified company, Ministerial Certificate of Cutting Processing Center, Company associated with FLA, S.A.L.E. (under investigation) thanks to the experience and excellent work quality over the years.

Our mission is to build completely eco-sustainable / passive houses with innovation, which will generate value over the years.

Italian Production Company, with a production surface of about 1800 square meters, producing: frame walls, inter-floor slabs, roof slabs with integrated ventilation system, pillars, beams, ventilated ridge beams, traditional or cantilever stairs, etc… Thanks to our twenty years experience  in green building construction we are able to guarantee, for all our customers, Class A4, very high thermal displacements, top-level comfort, high-quality finishes in collaboration with our partners.



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