Consulting Group Italy was born with the aim of providing personalized 360 ° services and defeat any possible customers difficulties about their wooden houses realization.

Our professional staff will be able to provide you with targeted advice and point you in the right direction in order to avoid the often arise bureaucratic hitches during the process.

We take care of Preliminary and Executive designs up to the structural calculations by request, starting from the facilities planning up to the complete bureaucratic management and interior design consultancy.


Our production process is highly automated and qualified, it takes place in a controlled temperature and stable air humidity environment, respecting the ISO 9001 Quality Control.

The incoming timber is always selected and individually subjected to quality control, it is stored in a warehouse where the humidity level is continuosly assessed in order to balance and homogenize it at the factory’s thermo-hygrometric conditions.



In the cutting center the timber squaring and sectioning takes place through a numerical control system, it is set considering the ordered dimensions and the design requirements.

Every single element is subjected to quality control, identified by a unique code, CE marked and all its processing phases are traced, so as to ensure its compatiblity with the structural use needed.


Consulting Group Italy has evolved from consultancy to engineering, project management and installation company, earning a market position in numerous industrial sectors like system integrator and general contractor. This makes it possible to provide efficient engineering services to small, medium and large companies planning or having already decided to build a plant. Each project is managed by a contract manager who:

Receives the Customer contract from the General Management, checking it and making budget arrangements
Keeps in toch and available with the customer during the work process
Coordinates and manages his team
Produces all the periodic work progress reports for the customers and the company
He is then informed about the order’s hours consumption by the Administration.




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via Marecchiese 320 Rimini (RN)

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