CGItaly: green building in Rimini between home, environment, energy and wood.

We talk a lot about our work, but in fact we never talk about our history.

CGItaly is a relatively young construction company in green building. It was born in 2015 in Rimini and was among the first companies in Italy to understand the close link between energy and the environment, immediately sensing the values and importance of bio-renewable sources.

We have two missions: the first is to see the spread of ecological houses, greener, which protect our environment, while the second is to build people’s dreams.
We believe that the living environment, our home, is essential for each of us. It is part of our identity: no matter who we are in life, the home is the center of our entire socio-cultural context.
This is our engine.

Building a wooden house means taking care of loved ones, our environment and our wallet.